About Me

Hi, I am Lindsay and this is the part where I tell you a bit about me, my business and how I came to be here….

I live in Sheffield, United Kingdom, with my husband and daughter. I love running and fitness, I have completed two half marathons, both of these were in Sheffield which is not an easy course as it includes a 5 mile up hill section into the beautiful Peak District!

I love being outside and I spend a lot of my spare time hiking in the Peak District. I also love reading and cooking.

I have worked in Local Government for most of my working life. The past 12 years have been spent working on programme management within housing and more recently economic growth. I have worked with several small business owners and I realised just how busy they are. This is where my idea for Hours in A Day came from.

My Skills & Qualifications

I have acquired skills and knowledge throughout my career that will enable me to help you. I have listed a few below:

  • Finance and budget management
  • Project and programme management
  • IT skills – MS Office and Excel spreadsheet development
  • WordPress – website development, design and on-going maintenance
  • Social Media – creation and scheduling of posts
  • E-mail Marketing – Mail Chimp

Often business owners will not have these skills and certainly won’t have the time to learn them. My business vision for Hours in A Day is to give business owners time to deliver their passion and I hope you agree that through the delegation of some of the tasks outlined above this can be achieved.

About Hours in A Day

Hours In A Day is all about giving business owners back time. The time to deliver their passion, to deliver the thing they originally set out on their business journey to do. You see a lot of business owners get dragged into managing other aspects of their business that they didn’t foresee when they initially set up their business. 

You are expected to wear a lot of different hats as a business owner; finance, marketing, HR and systems to just name a few. And all of this BEFORE you even deliver your product or service. It is easy to see how many business owners end up working in their business rather than on it.

This is where I come in, I can help by taking on some of those time-consuming tasks. I have the skills and knowledge to suggest and implement systems within your business that will save you time and the ability to take on and help you with larger projects to enable your business grow.

My Why…..

So, what is my why? Why have I set up Hours In A Day?

I want to work towards something that is worthwhile, I want the freedom to be my own boss and to spend time with my family if I choose. I want job satisfaction, doing the things I love and using the skills I have developed. I genuinely want to help business owners to succeed and grow their business, get back their time and spend it how they choose.

I would love to talk to you, if you think I could help you then please click on the button.